Raw Chocolate Sauce

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Raw Chocolate Sauce
Raw Chocolate Sauce

Raw Chocolate Sauce

Chocolate sauce. For topping, drizzling, coating, adding, mixing and spooning right into your mouth. It’s free of gluten, dairy and sugar and actually pretty rich in antioxidants.


  • 4 table spoons of coconut oil
  • 2 table spoons honey
  • 3 table spoons raw cacao powder


    1. Pour a couple of inches of boiling water into a sauce pan and pop a heatproof bowl on top. Don’t allow the water to touch the bottom of the bowl or any water to enter the bowl.
    2. Add your coconut oil and allow to melt completely. (You shouldn’t need to put directly on the heat but pop it on for 30 seconds if the oil doesn’t melt).
    3. Remove from the bowl from the pan and stir in your cacao powder and honey and mix well.
    4. Stir until all combined and the sauce has thickened up and you have dark, glossy chocolate sauce.
K&H Tip
Works especially well drizzled on pancakes and as a coating for strawberries!


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