Happy Birthday Rose!

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Birthday Cake

My daughter turned ONE this March so we planned a little family party for her…Kale and Hearty style!

Children’s parties are usually fuelled by sugar and processed food, it generally looks colourful and if you’re catering for a lot of people you kind of want to make it easy on yourself. However, due to various allergies our children usually don’t eat much at their friends parties. We took this as a great opportunity to make some yummy treats and actually cater a full children’s party that they could all eat.

We set to work on a plan for a Kale and Hearty party feast. The menu included sticky chicken drum sticks, quinoa salad, strawberry cupcakes, fruit jelly, mini quinoa pop cakes, fresh berries and of course a birthday cake.

Leonie has always been great at baking and coming up with recipes for healthy treats so she was in charge of making the birthday cake. I asked for a simple Victoria sponge cake but what I got was an incredible 3 tiers of vanilla sponge, jam and vanilla and strawberry frosting – a beautiful naked cake decorated with Rose’s, perfect for the birthday girl Rose. It really was the nicest cake I have ever had and was gluten, dairy, nut, soya and refined sugar free. Everyone commented how delicious it was and nobody could believe it was a “clean” cake.

We will be sharing some of the recipes from this party on the blog but look out for a very exciting e-book we are writing which will contain some of these recipes along with some of our other recipes for healthy treats for children.

Abi xxx

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